Quality Control
Our QC Process

Strictly According to ISO9001:2015 System, ensure the professional reliability of our service and quality.

1st Level Inspection: Basic Inspection

Package Inspection—Incoming Document Verification— Requirement Verification—Digital Photography—Recording and Receiving—prepared for 2nd level inspection

2nd Level Inspection: Quality Inspection

Parts Label Verification—Visual Inspection—Dimension Checking—Digital photography via X-ray—Perform high-temperature aging testing—Surface & Scrape Test—put parts on Locator Rack with QC qualified label(If the 2nd test cannot be judged, parts will be prepare for 3rd level Inspection)

3rd level Inspection: Foxconn Testing Center

Appearance—Ultrasonic—Electrical—Chemical Element Composition Analysis—Slice—Open The Parts Seal

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Our Innovation lab Center
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Our lab was accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and was approved by internationally famous customers such as APPLE/HUAWEL / HP/DELL/ LENOVO, and achieved “a report , global access Foxconn Test and Innovation center has been certified by by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). We also have been recognized by internationally famous customers such as APPLE,HUAWEL, HP,DELL and LENOVO. Thus our reports can be recognized globally.

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Materials Identification

* Visual Inspection * Electrical Testing * Decapsulation * X-RAY Inspection and analysis * Cross Section & Material Analysis
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Signal integrity measurement

* High-speed serial signal measurement * USB3.1&PCle3.0/PD * Video signal measurement * VGA/DVI、LVDS/MIPI、HDMI * Parallel bus signal measurement * Low-speed signal measurement
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Component failure analysis

* Ultrasound scan analysis) * Function / parameter analysis * 2D / 3D / 5D X-RAY detection * Chemical unsealed chip surface observation * High magnification observation
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Reliability test

* Temperature and humidity accelerated aging * Life aging test * SMT process capability assessment * Mechanical shock test * Mixed gas measurement
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ESD antistatic analysis

* ESD-HBM test * ESD-MM test * Latch-up test * System-level ESD testing * ESD protection component performance evaluation
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EMC / Safety Performance Test

* Radiated interference (RE, 10m / 3m) * Conducted interference (CE) * Electromagnetic radiation resistance test (RS) * Conduction Tolerance Test (CS) * Electrical fast pulse tolerance test (EFT)
Quality Certifications
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